Pilot P4 Methodology

Slide1P4 is Pilot’s four-stage methodology for developing and executing integrated client communications programs.  It employs a specific, collaborative process to develop and re-purpose great content across the range of traditional and new media platforms and channels.


In stage one, the Pilot team saturates itself in the client’s market, related markets and in the business of competitors. It’s during the discovery stage that the Pilot team and the client determine and align the program’s communications goals and objectives, identify and prioritize target audiences, create core messages and assure internal alignment among key client communications stakeholders.

research markets & competitors | determine goals | decide objectives | assure internal alignment | create core messages and key words | develop road map

Content Creation

Content comes in all shapes and sizes — white papers, press releases, customer success stories, eBooks, tweets, infographics, blog posts, podcasts, videos, photos, presentations, events and trade shows, among others. Using the findings from the discovery stage of Pilot’s P4 methodology, the team develops content that is best-suited for a client’s target audiences, taking into account preferred source of information, tone and the information to be conveyed.

create content architecture | segment markets | identify media channels | define campaigns|  define content |  develop story lines


In the third stage of P4, the Pilot team distributes content to engage with a client’s stakeholders including media, bloggers, research analysts, social networks and communities, investors and employees, among others.

business, trade, vertical media | industry analysts | bloggers and other influencers | social media | maximize events


In the analysis stage, the Pilot team — using a range off online and offline measurement tools — analyzes the results of a campaign against goals and objectives.  By analyzing the engagement levels between a client and its customers, Pilot gauges the effectiveness of the distributed content and conversation channels.

measure results |determine impact | make revisions