Our Approach

P4 MethodologyAt Pilot, we believe that to differentiate and succeed, every client must become a content publishing company.  To this end, we use public relations and other business-aligned, content-centered marketing disciplines to engage stakeholder audiences — media, research analysts, bloggers, customers, prospects, legislators and policy makers, business partners, employees and job candidates. Shared content becomes the catalyst for public conversations: direct engagement between clients and their targets.

Pilot uses a specific four-stage process to guide the creation and execution of client programs. We call it P4, our methodology for identifying, developing, targeting, sharing and tuning content.

The four stages of P4 are:

  1. Discovery
  2. Content Creation
  3. Exchange
  4. Measurement & Analysis

At Pilot, we look for new ideas that break through the clutter. We educate markets without hyping the news.  We start with a strong point of view and seek out different perspectives.