Patent law, with science and speed on the side

Link to original article in Boston Globe.

It is probably hard to find too many molecular biochemistry PhDs who also are gainfully employed patent attorneys, with side hobbies in high-stakes motorcycle racing.

And yet 48-year-old Jeff Vaughn, a patent attorney at Incredible Foods (which recently changed its name from WikiFoods) fits the bill.

When he’s not helping scientists protect intellectual property at the Cambridge maker of frozen treats, he’s getting new tattoos and racing motorcycles at speeds of up to 130 mph. Lately, he’s been practicing for his first big race on July 23 at the Loudon Road Race Series in New Hampshire.

While it seems like a lot of education to risk on a dangerous sport, Vaughn said he doesn’t have a secret death wish. He said he simply likes being fully immersed and focused on whatever he is doing.

“Motorcycle racers are a different breed of cat. They’re really good at ignoring risk,” Vaughn said, adding: “I’m not just going to sit home and watch TV.”

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