Even the Best Client-Agency Relationships Need Evaluations

This guest post comes to us courtesy of  Judy Neer, president and CEO of Pile and Company, a management consulting firm that specializes in client-agency relationships, and via Ad Age.  The original post ran here.  The Top Reasons Brands Don’t Review Agency Relationships and Why They Should   Even in an industry that knows the […]

Ignore Industry Trade Press at Your Peril

Industry trade publications come and go. But their influence on a company’s reputation and importance to an organization’s public relations program never really changes.  Establishing and developing relationships with editors and reporters at Mobile Payments Today, Footwear News or The Ad Tech Press — or any other publication or news website within a given industry — […]

Brand Ambassadors for a New Era (Market Basket style)

It isn’t by design, but workers of New England-based DeMoulas Market Basket have become the poster children for employees as brand ambassadors — bar none. Chances are pretty good that if you reside somewhere in Massachusetts or Maine or New Hampshire, Market Basket is where you buy your food, at least occasionally. 71 stores. More than $4.5B in annual […]

The Agency-Client Relationship: Keeping it on Track

Agency-client relationships that aren’t working well tend to decline over time. Occasionally an agency gets fired over a single mishap, like a poorly executed tweet by a young staffer or a major round-up story naming all of a client’s competitors — but leaves out your client. Even if a key account team member leaves the […]

Let’s End the Press Release Relevance Debate — Please?

Journalists who call the press release a useless relic of the past and the PR pros who label it a La-Z-Boy solution to communications continue to miss the point when it comes to this oft-maligned tool.  In fact, as I have discussed in previous posts, the folks at Business Wire and PR News Wire are […]