When It Comes to Using LinkedIn, It’s All or Nothing

There’s only one social networking service that matters when it comes to managing one’s professional reputation. Everyone knows it’s LinkedIn. In recent years, LinkedIn transitioned from the boring, uncool, too-practical social media network to the one — if you could only pick one – professional networking service you absolutely positively have to be on. In large part, […]

PR Can’t Be Trumped When It Comes To Credibility

Public relations rules over other forms of marketing communications.  At least in the credibility category. Not exactly breaking news, but a recent Nielsen study reaffirms that despite the global marketing trend toward branded content, it’s tough  – if not impossible — to trump the credibility and perceived objectiveness of third-party experts. This is why PR […]

We’re All Techies

The personalization of technology is nothing new. Who hasn’t managed their finances on a PC, shopped on the Web, or used a mobile device to share photos and updates with family and friends? But a recent Wall Street Journal “Reporter’s Journal” story on SXSW makes a much stronger – and completely true — point: “we’re all techies.” The […]

Funny or Die: PR and Public Affairs Working Hand in Glove

Last week President Obama made news by appearing on the online talk show, “Between Two Ferns,” with Zach Galifianakis on the Funny or Die website.  The site is the brainchild of Will Ferrell, Adam McKay and Chris Henchy.  Not exactly Washington Week in Review. If you have not watched the skit, here’s a link. As you […]

3 Stories That Write Themselves

A story that writes itself. During my newspaper reporting days (about 100 years ago), that’s what we used to call a story that seemingly dropped out of the sky:  a story that writes itself. For such a story, which falls on a reporter’s lap once in a blue moon, all one had to do was sit […]

Announcing Pilot Communications Group, LLC

It’s ironic that after helping to launch and promote dozens of companies over the years, writing this announcement post about the official introduction of Pilot Communications Group, LLC didn’t come very easy. I guess in part it’s the “cobbler’s children have no shoes” syndrome. Historically, communications agencies are notorious for neglecting their own marketing and find […]

Emotional Stories Exists in Every B2B Company (finding them is the challenge)

Brands from every B2B and B2C industry sector have embraced the power of storytelling — whether it be branded storytelling or “true” storytelling — in their efforts to stand out and make a human connection with their audiences.  Public relations and advertising agencies, and viral digital firms everywhere, talk about the power of storytelling throughout their websites […]

Agency - Client Relationships

Preventing “Death by A Thousand Cuts” in the Agency-Client Relationship

There’s a reason many corporations prefer hiring communications professionals who have experience working on both sides of the table: as a client and for an agency. Perspective. If you have ever been the client, you know what great and lousy client service looks and feels like.  And if you later made the switch to the […]

PR As a Top 10 Most Stressful Job…Oh Pahlease

The annual list of most stressful jobs is making the rounds and some of my public relations colleagues are carrying the fact that “public relations executive” was ranked by CareerCast as the 6th most stressful job as a of badge of honor. Here’s the full list, beginning with most stressful job: Enlisted military, military general, […]