Brand Ambassadors for a New Era (Market Basket style)

It isn’t by design, but workers of New England-based DeMoulas Market Basket have become the poster children for employees as brand ambassadors – bar none. Chances are pretty good that if you reside somewhere in Massachusetts or Maine or New Hampshire, Market Basket is where you buy your food, at least occasionally. 71 stores. More than $4.5B in annual […]

The Agency-Client Relationship: Keeping it on Track

Agency-client relationships that aren’t working well tend to decline over time. Occasionally an agency gets fired over a single mishap, like a poorly executed tweet by a young staffer or a major round-up story naming all of a client’s competitors — but leaves out your client. Even if a key account team member leaves the […]

Let’s End the Press Release Relevance Debate — Please?

Journalists who call the press release a useless relic of the past and the PR pros who label it a La-Z-Boy solution to communications continue to miss the point when it comes to this oft-maligned tool.  In fact, as I have discussed in previous posts, the folks at Business Wire and PR News Wire are […]

Emmy-Honored Jay Childs Brings Full Video Production Capabilities to Pilot

Jay Childs has been living the “every picture tells a story” mantra for more than 20 years as principal at his Portsmouth, New Hampshire studio — JBC Communications.  Today, I’m excited to welcome Jay, and his full video production studio, to the Pilot team as director of video services, which includes production and video content marketing. […]

Set Agency-Client Expectations Early On or Risk Disappointment

The most important meeting an agency has with a new client is the agency-client expectations meeting.  And if during that meeting the agency team and client team aren’t as upfront and transparent as humanly possible about their expectations for each other, then expect any honeymoon period to be short-lived and D-I-V-O-R-C-E to follow.  If during […]

To Communicate with Elected Officials, a Grassroots Advocacy Program Gets the Job Done

In the past week, I contributed to a discussion on LinkedIn regarding Best Practices/Strategies for In-District Congressional Visits.  In 20-plus years as a regional director to the Healthcare Leadership Council , I have scheduled, coordinated, executed and reported on more than 500 in-district or in-state meetings with Members of the United States House of Representatives […]