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Media Relations “Cheat Sheet” for Frugal SMBs

It’s not easy, but media relations isn’t really complicated. Here’s a straightforward, cost-effective approach coverage-starved SMBs can employ to maximize their media relations efforts. First off, take the time to develop a list of journalists and bloggers you’d like to get your company in front of.  There are a number of ways you can do […]

Jameson’s Marketing is as Smooth as its Irish Whiskey

Jameson Irish Whiskey is triple-distilled.  Because it’s triple-distilled, it’s smooth as silk. Because it’s triple-distilled, it has an exquisitely mellow finish. Because it’s triple-distilled, it doesn’t have the bite of twice-distilled Scotch or once-distilled American whiskey. Jameson Irish Whiskey is triple-distilled. How many times does Jameson distill its whiskey? Visit Jameson’s original distillery on Bow […]

Small Businesses Stay on Track by Playing Offense

Small businesses get them coming and going. Unsolicited business propositions. Coming at them via LinkedIn from companies selling new business leads, SEO services and recruiting services. Coming at them via email and text and phone calls from companies offering advertising, legal, social media and yes, public relations services too.  Coming at them from publishers moments […]

Let’s Make Shopping Small a Way of Life – Not an Event

Annually, Small Business Saturday gives consumers the opportunity to get reacquainted with companies that wear the owners’ name on the storefront, at least figuratively.  A couple of days ago, we experienced the fourth annual Small Business Saturday, always sandwiched between Black Friday and Cyber Monday (which is today), two of the biggest shopping days of […]

Ignore Industry Trade Press at Your Peril

Industry trade publications come and go. But their influence on a company’s reputation and importance to an organization’s public relations program never really changes.  Establishing and developing relationships with editors and reporters at Mobile Payments Today, Footwear News or The Ad Tech Press — or any other publication or news website within a given industry — […]