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Don’t Be That Company

It’s old news but worth emphasizing: every time an individual has an encounter with an organization is an opportunity for that organization to strengthen its reputation, or not. Take the experience of a recent college grad, a young man who’s the son of a long-time friend and professional colleague. Dave (not his real name) graduated […]

When It Comes to Using LinkedIn, It’s All or Nothing

There’s only one social networking service that matters when it comes to managing one’s professional reputation. Everyone knows it’s LinkedIn. In recent years, LinkedIn transitioned from the boring, uncool, too-practical social media network to the one — if you could only pick one — professional networking service you absolutely positively have to be on. In large part, […]

“Willing To Risk Death Daily:” What a Help Wanted Ad Says About a Company

It’s the end of the year and thus, ’tis the season for the annual avalanche of help wanted ads — though the avalanche certainly isn’t what it used to be. Oftentimes, a help wanted ad will be the first impression a prospect will have of a potential employer. Professional recruiters and expert networkers typically steer […]

Boston to Bill Maher: A Simple Apology Gets You off the Hook

A simple apology, done with meaning and quickly — like today — gets comic/satirist/political commentator/HBO “Real Time” host Bill Maher out of a jam for his rather thoughtless comments last Friday about the Boston Marathon bombings. You’ve likely heard by now how Maher, on his HBO talk show “Real Time,” seemed to minimize the physical and emotional […]

Time for Global B2Bs to Ditch the Herd Mentality

Navel-gazing sessions and working at a big B2B company have always gone hand-in-hand. But it looks like many of the big B2Bs are getting it all wrong when it comes to brainstorming key messages and positioning statements that will resonate with their customers. You might say, as did the Captain in the movie classic Cool […]

Happy Birthday Serenade Costly To J-LO’s Reputation

Being a public figure — leader of a profitable and growing organization, entertainer, politician, professional athlete — can have many rewards.  Financial freedom.  Notoriety.  Red carpet treatment.  The satisfaction that goes along with providing a great product that solves a problem or fulfills a need. But the public recognition and the associated rewards also come […]

Paula Deen is Cooked

Celebrity chef Paula Deen is cooked.  And there’s only one person to blame.  Since her admission of using racial slurs during a recent legal disposition, Deen has gone from being toast of the town to being toast. Her sponsors and business partners can’t run away from her fast enough.  This week alone Wal-Mart, Ceasars Entertainment Group, and Smithfield Foods – and, of […]