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Preventing “Death by A Thousand Cuts” in the Agency-Client Relationship

There’s a reason many corporations prefer hiring communications professionals who have experience working on both sides of the table: as a client and for an agency. Perspective. If you have ever been the client, you know what great and lousy client service looks and feels like.  And if you later made the switch to the […]

Read This Before Blaming Your PR Agency For Lack of Coverage

On behalf of PR agencies everywhere, thank you Amy Westervelt for your recent tell-all post on why startup companies need to stop pointing fingers at their PR firms and instead learn more about how editors and journalists do their jobs. Amy is a freelance writer/editor/author and frequent contributor to business publications like Forbes, the WSJ, […]

Avoid These Four Agency Client Types at all Costs

You may have heard the expression popular among some boat owners: The two best days of being a boat owner are ‘the day you buy it’ and the ‘day you sell it.’ Others use a similar expression. Like those who have purchased a vacation home they never have time to enjoy.  Or that convertible as […]

Size Matters When It Comes to Picking a PR Agency

Public relations agencies come in all shapes and sizes. Some are holding-company owned with offices in 50 countries or more and thousands of employees.  Others are independent and mid-sized with a handful of offices and perhaps a hundred or more workers. And of course there are scores of founder-run, single-office firms and boutique consultancies with anywhere […]

For Agencies, Working with Clients on a Shoestring Can Be an Acquired Taste

It’s not entirely new for global PR firms like Ogilvy PR and Edelman, among others, to make a run at emerging VC-backed companies who need communications help but are on a shoestring budget.  Every few years — either just before a so-called bubble, like the dot-com boom or right in the middle of one — […]

In The New Normal, Client Retention Means Playing Above The Rim

Denial. Anger. Bargaining. Depression. Acceptance. These are the five stages of grief a PR agency (or any business for that matter) goes through when a good client takes their business to a competitor.  Each of the five stages were detailed in a recent post in which I promised a follow-up with a few ideas on […]

When a PR Agency Loses A Good Client: 5 Stages of Grief (Part I)

Replacing a good client can cost a public relations agency up to five times more than retaining one.   Ouch. When a PR agency loses a good client, aka getting fired, it hurts to the quick.  All agencies experience client attrition, some more than others, whether it be for reasons of performance (the ugliest way […]

4 Steps To Reduce A PR Agency’s Client Churn – The Old-Fashioned Way

When a public relations agency chases a business prospect that is in a non-aligned business, then expect client churn. When an agency over promises a prospect during the hunt and can’t deliver later, then expect client churn. When an agency takes on a new client that it can’t create and sustain value for, then expect […]

9 Telltale Signs An Agency-Client Relationship Is On The Rocks

When the relationship between a public relations agency and a client is on the rocks, the agency is all-to-often the last to know. And in many cases, the agency has no one to blame but themselves for either not proactively managing the client relationship, for not really listening to the client or for missing client […]