Rebranding: when is it the right time?


A telltale signal for an SMB that rebranding should be top of mind is when the company decides it wants to tap into a new demographic. One of the surest ways for a small or medium size business to grow is to target its products and/or services to a new or expanded group of consumers.

And in many instances, if not in all, the organization will need to update its brand to reflect the language, interests and value set the new target audiences relates to. (a former Pilot client) comes to mind as a good example of an SMB that rebranded as part of an effort to reach new audiences. An online retailer of health and wellness, natural products, vitamins, herbal supplements, sports nutrition, natural and organic foods, beauty and skin care, the name “” itself was, at the time of the rebranding (over a year ago), found to be limiting. was (and is) much more than an online vitamin retailer. But this point wasn’t getting across.  The company wanted to appeal to a broader range of consumers including “whole food moms” and “gym bros” but also adults across generations who take a more natural approach to their health and well-being.

The company also wanted to tap into and leverage the lifestyle of many of its employees who are passionate about a healthy and natural lifestyle — one that’s sustained by more than simply ingesting vitamins and supplements from time-to-time.

How could update and differentiate its brand to reflect a customer relationship that was less transactional and more about building a sense of trust with a broader audience? How could communicate that it’s a company that truly cares about its customers and is one that wants to connect with them on an emotional level? How could the company emphasize its healthy food roots and the Wolf family’s heritage of health and happiness?

A cornerstone of the company’s rebranding effort was’s first-ever branding video, which emphasizes the company’s health food heritage and the Wolf family’s multi-generational passion for good health and happiness.  In addition, the rebranding included a refreshed, more modern looking logo and a completely redesigned website that not only sports a much sleeker, modern look than the previous one but one that’s much easier to navigate.

LuckyVitamin’com’s rebranding effort was capped off with a new tagline:  spread the wellness. And to make sure its customers understood and appreciated the changes it was making, company CEO and “Chief Wellness Spreader” Sam Wolf sent an email to customers and business partners, which said, in part:

You’ll notice some big changes when visiting – a new logo, an updated slogan, design that we feel better represents who we are. But rest assured, this is more than just a spiffy new outfit. This was a thoughtful process of reflecting on our values as we heard your health and wellness stories.

Like all rebranding efforts, the success of the campaign lies in the company’s ability to measure its brand’s strength. Measurement surveys, overall site traffic, an increase in leads, and an increase in sales all are indications that a rebranding campaign is working.

Note: Pilot client Mechanica collaborated with on the rebranding program.

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