Jameson’s Marketing is as Smooth as its Irish Whiskey


Jameson Irish Whiskey is triple-distilled. angels-share

Because it’s triple-distilled, it’s smooth as silk.

Because it’s triple-distilled, it has an exquisitely mellow finish.

Because it’s triple-distilled, it doesn’t have the bite of twice-distilled Scotch or once-distilled American whiskey.

Jameson Irish Whiskey is triple-distilled. How many times does Jameson distill its whiskey?

Visit Jameson’s original distillery on Bow Street in Dublin, Ireland, where John Jameson perfected the science (or art?) of making whiskey starting in 1780, and you’ll leave with a single, simple, straightforward takeaway – that unlike leading Scotch (Johnnie Walker) and American whiskey (Jack Daniels) brands, Jameson is triple-distilled. And the time, effort and money that go into a triple-distillation process is a game changer in the whiskey business – so says Jameson. 

At the old Jameson distillery in Dublin, the company delights global visitors daily with not only a taste (or two…or three) of its products, but also with a healthy and compelling dose of brand marketing via great story-telling that leaves many guests drinking the proverbial Kool-Aid.  And then sharing their experience with others.

I’m not much of a whiskey drinker (a wannabe, really). But a recent tour of Jameson’s original distillery – experiential marketing by any other word — provided me with a primer on the whiskey making process and also an understanding of the significant role the company played in Ireland’s economy, then and now.

In addition to leaving the distillery with a bit of a glow (I wasn’t alone in this aspect), I also left with an appreciation for Jameson’s firm grasp of battle-tested marketing principles that most any company in any industry can benefit from.

  • Keep your company messages short and sweet. If you can deconstruct the benefits of your products or service to a single message, do it.  When it comes to company messages, less is more.
  • Develop a customer contact strategy that keeps your audience on high alert, turned on and tuned in. The Jameson tour starts with an engaging five-minute video that puts Jameson in historical perspective. Throughout, the tour guide kept things fresh and light (though he wasn’t quite as funny as he thought he was). Along the tour, visitors were encouraged to grab fistfuls of various grains. Historical photos and models of workers momentarily transported one back in time. The various content forms kept the 40-minute journey interesting and entertaining.
  • Address the competition head on. But always take the high road. In the tasting room, guests were treated to small amounts of Scotch from Johnnie Walker and whiskey from American competitor Jack Daniels, and Jameson.  The tour guide never once disparaged the competition.  Instead he let his product do all (most of) the talking, while reminding his guests that Jameson is thrice-distilled.

Thrice-distilled. That’s Jameson.


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