Pilot Welcomes New Clients in Tech, Health, Consumer and Services


Communications firms are famous for falling victim to the “Cobbler’s Children Syndrome. ” Too busy working for our beloved clients that we neglect our own marketing. Oh woe is us!

From experience, I know the syndrome rears its ugly head with lots of firms. Especially with boutique firms, like Pilot, who don’t have the luxury of a dedicated marketing person (oh woe is us!).  Also, we’d really just rather spend our time talking about our clients vs. blabbering on about ourselves. We’re generally more comfortable with the work that takes place behind the curtain.  And, of course, no one pays us for the time we spend on our own marketing.

With that said, I’m really excited to let you know about great new clients Pilot has the privilege to be working with.  Hey, every firm says their clients are “great”, right?  But what’s so great about them, specifically?  Well, at Pilot we’re talking about great in terms of the breakthrough work these companies are doing to affect a change in how consumers think about a product or a service.  Some of these brands may be familiar to you already.  Others will, over time, become more familiar to you (if we do our job right).

Here they are:

  • Acquia —  The “digital business company,” Acquia is based in Burlington, Mass.  It’s a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company providing products, services, and technical support for the open-source web content management platform Drupal. Acquia is hot.  It has received close to $120M in six rounds of financing.  Customers include Pinterest, Timex, Mercedes Benz, Tesla, Box, PAC-12.com, Rotary, Whole Foods and Six Flags Entertainment, among many others. For Acquia, Pilot is generating content to attract Acquia customers and prospects to Acquia Engage, the company’s first-ever customer conference. 
  • Element Care — Element Care is a Lynn, Mass.-based non-profit health organization with the mission of helping people live safely and comfortably in their homes and their communities for as long as they can, keeping their stays in hospitals and nursing facilities as minimal as possible.   Element Care provides complete health care to eligible people through PACE (Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly) throughout the Massachusetts North Shore and the Merrimack Valley. Formerly named “Elder Service Plan of the North Shore,” Pilot is assigned with generating awareness of the organization’s new brand and name (Element Care) and its expanded services to 43 communities.
  • KettlePizza — KettlePizza is a Groveland, Mass.-based company with a passionate, global community of customers and ambassadors that is second to none for a company its size.  With more than 32,000 likes on Facebook, KettlePizza was founded by two inventors/entrepreneurs who recognized the need for an efficient, cost-effective and fun way to grill pizza — a method and product that would rival that of much more expensive backyard wood fired brick oven or stone pizza ovens. The result was a Made in the USA family of products that turns a kettle style charcoal grill into a genuine wood fired pizza oven.  KettlePizza is running a Facebook campaign this week so if you want a chance to win a KettlePizza, check this out.
  • Mechanica — Mechanica is a Newburyport, Mass.-based marketing and brand development firm. Celebrating its tenth year, Mechanica delivers brand and contact strategy, design, digital, advertising, events, PR, social media, etc., to clients that include Saucony, Houghton Mifflin, NPR, PBS, Northeastern University, Akamai, Kronos, PTC, and Nuance, among many others.  Mechanica was built on the premise that the traditional agency model of creative development that relies only on in-house teams misses many of the possibilities that the new world of technology and communications presents.  Mechanica’s open creative development approach utilizes a highly qualified network of creative resources.
  • StudentDefend — StudentDefend connects college students in need of immediate legal advice with qualified defense attorneys.  The greater Boston company was founded on the premise that even good kids can get into trouble at college.  In the event a college student does find him/herself on the wrong side of the law, it’s critical to get experienced legal advice asap. The company has built a network of more than 400 defense attorneys in all 50 states, which makes it fast and easy for college students to speak with a qualified criminal attorney in times of need, no matter where they are located.  Pilot is tasked with building awareness of StudentDefend via traditional media relations and social media.

If you think Pilot might be a good communications fit for a particular organization you’re familiar with, please let us know.



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