A Look Back: Reflecting on Change in PR and Communications


Every day brings new opportunities to tell the stories of the organizations we represent – new channels, new tactics, new contacts and conduits.  There is so much change, it’s easy to take for granted how far we’ve come – how different the approach to our work is today than it was just a few years ago.

Ragan’s PR Daily recently reminded me of the most significant aspect of this evolution, asking me to reflect on a 2007 article I wrote for the Public Relations Society of America newsletter.

That article focused on the gap that existed between traditional PR and social media, emphasizing that the divide between the two needed to be bridged. It may surprise some, but seven years ago there were many PR professionals who were reluctant to embrace social media, seeing it as a threat to their work livelihood or as a discipline best left to social media specialists.

As I pointed out in a Ragan’s blog post that appeared this week, that gap no longer exists.  There are fewer, if any, serious social media holdouts in the PR profession.

Today, it’s hard to envision a PR pro who doesn’t consider social media an essential channel – whether it’s using blogs to advance thought leadership objectives, Twitter to express a point of view on market developments, Facebook to spotlight new products or services, or LinkedIn to gather input from your community.  In many cases, social media isn’t just part of a PR strategy, it is the PR strategy.

We have embraced change – and we should continue to do this every day.

This may not seem like breakthrough thinking in 2014, but as these articles point out, just a few years ago it was an entirely different PR world, and that’s a positive development for those of us who are PR practitioners and the organizations we represent.

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