Pilot Communications Group uses content-centered public relations and social media to build greater brand strength driven by higher levels of customer engagement.

The Pilot Blog

The Pilot Blog is our opportunity to share our opinions and observations about topics, trends and happenings impacting the world of communications.

  • Small Brands Can Succeed at Influencer Marketing Too

    Brand ambassadors work just as well for small brands as they do for larger ones with deep marketing pockets.  The smaller brands just have to be smarter about putting their brand ambassador dollars to work because they have fewer of them…dollars.  And while an ambassador may enjoy the notoriety and business benefits of being associated with a […]

  • Do the Upfront Work to Mitigate Buyer’s Remorse

    Many of us have experienced buyer’s remorse. Probably more than once. It’s that sinking feeling of regret one feels after making an expensive purchase, like a house, a car, or a toy (impulse purchase) we just had to have (did you really have to have that $12,000 super-light, super-fast, super-cool road bike for your Sunday […]

  • Rebranding: when is it the right time?

    A telltale signal for an SMB that rebranding should be top of mind is when the company decides it wants to tap into a new demographic. One of the surest ways for a small or medium size business to grow is to target its products and/or services to a new or expanded group of consumers. And in many […]

Pilot Profile


Jim leads Pilot’s client programs

Pilot Communications Group, LLC provides business-aligned marketing and public relations to emerging companies and SMBs. Led by communications veteran Jim Barbagallo, Pilot is composed of accomplished communications professionals and business partners who bring a senior-level perspective and hands-on expertise to client opportunities.

Brand experience

Pilot was formed with the belief that every company must publish great content in order to connect and strengthen the relationship with its audiences.  The firm uses P4, an end-to-end process for developing, targeting and exchanging this content.

Why work with Pilot?

For starters, your Pilot account team will be composed of experienced professionals who won’t be learning on your dime. We consider the totality of your business, and all the details. We’ve founded, run and have worked for large and small agencies. We have also been the client, so we know what great client service feels like. And when it doesn’t feel right. The Pilot team has launched companies, guided them through their critical stages of growth and through the IPO process, and helped them get acquired.  We know what works (hard work) and what doesn’t (mailing it in). We don’t over promise and under deliver, won’t nickel and dime, and our humble offices translate to even more savings for clients.

The Pilot team understands how to take complex information, shape it, and use it to tell simple but compelling stories. We’re experienced across the broadest range of business experiences and know what’s coming around the next corner. We develop and execute communications programs with skillful precision, think quickly and provide clear, confident guidance to our clients.

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